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How To Sell A Domain Name To Complete Strangers


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how to sell a domain name

How To Sell A Domain Name To Complete Strangers

High volume domain sellers have mastered the vast underworld known to insiders as the domain marketplace.  These aggressive entrepreneurs continually eschew classified ads, stare challenge right between its glaring eyes, and generally impose their will upon businesses seeking premium domain name ownership.  Unless you’re masterful like these domainers, the remainder of this article will quickly navigate where, when and how rookies could quickly unload domain names to complete strangers without doing much more than saying ‘hi’.

Itch Your Niche

Hanging out on technology forums to sell fashion domains isn’t the best idea when learning how to sell a domain name with rapidity.  Unless your domain has an unknown or relatively wide marketing potential, you should stick with niche-related forums or even work your way around social media. Proper names that could infringe someone’s privacy or cause future harm should be immediately ditched – Cybersquatters have long been shunned by professional domainers because they rob someone, some ideology or an excellent keyword-loaded domain of its intrinsic value.

So for starters, gravitate towards niche blogs, forums, social media hashtags or auction categories that best suit what your domain represents.

Host Fire Sales

Perfect for quick ‘turn and burn’ domains, rookies could take their portfolios and earn 10-20% over registration fee with relative ease.  Granted, many people enter the domain ‘flipping’ arena to earn lucratively; expecting recently registered domains that fit no particular niche to sell for thousands is ludicrous.  Taking 100 domains and earning $200 more than your registration costs is amicable, so think much smaller dollar amounts yet host fire sales with large domain portfolio numbers.

Strangers could find your ‘hot sales’ through search engines if you’ve properly optimized your sales landing pages for keywords conducive to such sales.  And no, fire sales aren’t just for the bankrupt businessman or soon-to-be dimed out Ponzi scheme proprietor.

Find Experienced Brokerages

Although they’ll expect their finder’s fee right off the top, expert brokerages perhaps rank highest when newbies want to study how to sell a domain name quickly.  These firms have been around since the registration fees were $50+ for .com’s; they’re going to have clandestine resources up their sleeves to push your properties quickly.  Again, selling proper names, brands that could be subjected to copyright infringement or anything that clearly has no business being registered should revert back to fire sale mode.  Brokerages have little time to play with names of minuscule value, unless their portfolio numbers amass to the thousands.

In Closing: Quicker Isn’t Always Better

Sure, we’re trying to purport quick tips to sell domains quickly; just note that we’re not suggesting price betterment will commence during the process.  Understanding how to sell a domain name entails learning what’s hot, perhaps what’s not, what naming no-no’s are widely known and where you’d find great information when just starting out.

Personally, large scale portfolios going for $20 and under should be given the auction treatment; brokerages would entertain your portfolio only if there’s profit potential.  Finally, never expect complete strangers to spend more than 10-30% over the registration fee unless AdSense revenue potential is there – usually meaning they want heavy traffic data over 12 months proven worthy enough to mess with before buying.

Roger Kowalewski is a freelance writer and experienced domainer from Indiana. You can follow him on Google+.

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