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Domain Development – Developing Niche Domains Increases Sales

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Domain Development – Developing Niche Domains Increases Sales

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Domain development, with ensuing internet sales, doesn’t take rocket science yet it does take basic business know how to launch your dreams into cyberspace.  Conceivably, you previously botched efforts thanks to some miscalculation in domains investment, timing, or because you lacked proper training in your field.  In any case, if you have a businessman’s mindset, then you would know that with our current state of affairs, it is actually exponentially easier to create a pathway to incremental income than ever before.  Below are some key ways to set a course for domain sales increases many consider to be ingenious.

Marketing Affiliations

Many concede that one of the more ‘old school’ ways to obtain leads for domain sales improvement is through affiliate marketing.  Started and eventually patented by Amazon, affiliate marketing simply requires you to have a website, places to put advertisements and some desire to promote them.  Although this may seem like a smaller way to become even slightly vested into a business, it’s a great start if you are new to online passive income generation.  Commission Junction is perhaps the largest and highest paying affiliate network on the planet and offers pay per lead, pay per sale, pay per call and pay per click programs, and pays on the 16th of every month like clockwork.

If affiliate marketing isn’t your bag, then another option in creating your own domain sales machine is blogging.  Yes, although it seems more recreational than anything, blogging can actually be very beneficial in the long run.  Turning a blog into an article database and charging .50 an article would generate a great steady income in return for giving bloggers visibility.  Along with this idea for domain sales improvement comes writing PLR articles for people.

As you may have found on your poorly ranked domains, content is king and hard to come by with the required accuracy to gain visibility; people are willing to pay hundreds for even the smallest amount of content, and this is where you can utilize your penchant for writing and draw an income.  Write 20 or 30 articles and sell them in a ‘PLR Article Pack’ and watch the sales soar like never before.

Training May Be Necessary

As with any domain sales improvement idea, training must be another ingredient which must be considered.  There exist many individuals who’ve offered sales training seminars, webinars and other niche improvement areas where affiliate sales could be more adequately explained.  While not every training seminar may work, it’s definitely worth the effort.

No matter what means you wish to pursue your domain sales improvement, keep in mind that you will have competition, so keep your quality content high and your prices low enough to benefit from a hard day’s work.  Mull over training options before ensconcing head first into some vortex of unknown sales niche, fully prepared to swallow you whole.


Domains and internet sales technically marry in any business formation, making the content and marketing areas of domain development vital.  If you lack proper training or simply find yourself flustered, perhaps now is the perfect time to ramp up your game before someone takes your sales.

Roger Klawinski is a freelance writer and experienced domainer who has successful increased his domains’ values through content development. You can follow him on Google+.

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