How to Choose the Best Domain Registrar for Your Website

Branding for your business in the digital age begins with a domain name. However, not all domain registrars are created equal. Read our blog to find out more.

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Not All Domain Registrars Are Equal

If you wish to start your own online business, then the first thing you need to do is to contact a domain registrar. Domain registry service provides you the necessary platform to book a unique domain name for your website. However, you should always do thorough research before finalizing the registrar for your business. Besides the website address, an ideal domain registrar also provides several tools and services which enable you to create a useful website.

An ideal domain registry service offers certified areas, which improves the credibility of your website with a validation seal and an official and legitimate WhoIs listing. Some domain registration companies extend their product range by offering web hosting services as well. Such combined offering of services is useful as you can purchase a domain as well as host it under the same umbrella. There are numerous features like website builder tool which comes bundled in the whole package.

The best domain registry services will offer you a list of available domains along with management utilities which are crucial for your website. A dedicated IP address is a very useful service for large scale businesses. Such address will offer your customers a more convenient and comfortable browsing experience, because of improved traffic handling capabilities, faster response time, and backward compatibility with older browsers. Apart from all this, a domain registrar will also offer you superb customer service so that if you are stuck with any problem, you can have it resolved quickly.

Selecting the perfect domain registrar might seem to be a tedious task, but a little hard work will give you the best service and allow you to avoid any regrets you might have in the future. There are many low-cost domain registration companies that can give you affordable packages, but you need to be careful while negotiating. Go for a domain registry service that is reliable and offers good support.

Many people still think the secret of how to register a domain name is kept in some special site that’s known only to high Internet adepts. Registering a domain is actually among the simplest parts of building a website. It’s best to decide on the keywords required in the desired domain and then decide to whom it will be registered. If the registrant doesn’t choose a security feature to hide his name and address, both will be available to anyone searching the Internet Whois database.

There are excellent, low-cost domain providers and bad expensive ones. It’s best to ask for recommendations from other domain registrants, read real reviews, and then find a registrar that meets the most of the mentioned criteria.

The domain registrar should have a database that is searchable. With this, you may search all registered domains. If the domain sought after is available, it may then be registered. A useable domain name is usually not difficult to find, at least if the registering webmaster doesn’t have his heart set on a long-ago registered prize domain in one of the premium top-level domains, or TLDs, such as .com, .net and .org. Most Internet users have now embraced any TLD as equally valid, though the first type-in choice is still .com. Some domain owners add words like “planet” or “mountain” to the end of the domain, to grab the right keywords.

It’s important to remember that, despite the term domain owner, no one owns a domain name. Domains are merely rented by the year. The named registrant will always have the right to renew, but, should the domain not be renewed, it will fall back into the domain pool for someone else to register. Most registrars offer multiple year registration at a lower price per year. It’s vital to renew a domain on time. Some domain registrars have no grace period at all. When it is gone, it is gone.

This means, if a webmaster’s preferred domain is taken, there may be another chance to register it, usually at a premium price. Some domain registrars, and other domain resellers, have pre-registered domains for sale. However, the domains will sometimes be no better than ones available directly from the registry at the usual registration prices.

Some of the best and earliest registered domains are still available for direct registration. Not all domain registrars resell used domains. Other good domains fall off the registry without anyone noticing. In general, unless the domain has a well-known phrase, the general consensus suggests that the fewer words and letters it has, the better. Rhymes, cadence and easily remembered phrases are considered best. Words that are spelled in different ways may be a problem.

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Whatever the domain, it must be one that fits the purposes of its webmaster. Like a poorly named company, a strange domain name can have personal and professional repercussions for years to come. If you are looking for the lowest cost of domain names and are interested in building a website to jumpstart your brand, buy and register your domain with Cosmotown.