What Is a gTLD?

As the internet becomes crowded, there is a need for businesses and bloggers to obtain domain names that reflect and define them well. But what is a gTLD?

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What is a Top Level Domain?

Generic top-level domain (gTLD) refers to an extension of the popular top-level domains or TLDs such as .biz, .name, .pro, .org and .com. As the internet becomes crowded, there is a need for organizations and businesses to obtain domain names that reflect and define them well. The idea behind gTLD is to enable businesses and individuals to have personalized, catchy and rhyming domain names to enjoy a better brand control. An appropriate gTLD that resonates with a company’s needs goes far in differentiating it from competitors.

Special bodies authorized by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manage gTLDs. ICANN is a non-profit organization that runs and manages web page addresses. gTLDs are reserved for government agencies, large corporations, and countries that have resources and technical expertise in operating a TLD. However, the number of online pages has been increasing recently, posing some issues. ICANN now accepts the application of new personalized gTLDs. The move has become a great boon for businesses and organizations as they can obtain more related domain names.
A custom TLD makes it easy for a website to be indexed in its niche. It ensures higher page ranking thus improving a business’s online visibility. Companies are required to apply for their fitting gTLD. The new gTLD has freed up more space for additional internet addresses.

Importance of gTLDs for businesses and blogs

  • Marketers and bloggers enjoy low cost domain names. The new gTLD provides not only more options but also affordable domain choices for businesses and blogs. Custom domains allow them to create and gain distinct online identity which translates to high ROI through maximum online visibility.
  • It has made it easy to build a robust online brand identity.
  • A gTLD gives a vivid message on who a business is and what they operate. A company selects what defines them best and what is memorable for their clients. Any private organization or business can have a gTLD that makes them recognized and reputable.
  • Clients can also generate income through 2nd level registrations and agreements with suppliers and distributors.
  • It makes it easy for businesses and bloggers to reach their target audience. They can also control the image and reputation of their brand.
  • It is very flexible regarding domain registry. Any corporation or business is legible of applying to operate a new generic TLD registry.

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